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Yamaha Rhino, Massimo UTV Rear Windshield

Yamaha Rhino, Massimo  UTV Rear Windshield
Yamaha Rhino, Massimo UTV Rear Windshield
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【Fitment】Universal fits Yamaha Rhino 2015 models and older and Massimo 500.

【Function】Shield the dust from coming inside the cab area, and a noise reduction inside the cab area as well. More importantly, the rear windshield will keep the air from coming back around and hitting you in the head.

【Durable&Water-Resistant Fabric】900 Denier Oxford Fabric with a water-resistant coating for maximum weather and abrasion protection. Then it won't get wet so easily, you can just wipe it or shake the water off.

【Easy Installation】Attaches to the roll cage of UTVs with cinch-tight straps and rip-and-grip closure tab. Way cheaper and easier than a fixed rear window, you can take it off in 20 seconds when you don’t want it on, roll it up for easy storage.

【Transparent PVC Material】UTV rear windshield uses high-quality HD PVC film for perfect light transmission, and prevent dust and wind, especially on cold winter nights.



Product Option

Rear UTV Windshield wii fits Yamaha Rhino 2015 models and older

Such as:

2006 Yamaha Rhino 450

2006 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660

Yamaha rhino 700

2007 2009 2012 Yamaha Rhino

But also fits:

2010 2015 2016 2017 Massimo MSU 500

2017 CFMoto Uforce 800

2011 Massimo MSU 700

Coleman-Hisun 500

2011 Polaris Ranger 500 midsize

Kymvo UXV500

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